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★Disco NRG 2007 Project★

Originally taken from D~tan's post @ disco_nrg


We've been secretly planning this project out for awhile!! OH NOEZ.
Since we haven't really filmed as much as we should, all of the members decided to take all of the songs from 2007 and split them up

between members and film them.

I'm here to present the first set, danced by J's and Cigy!

Loverboy / Annalise (SEF):
Goodnight Kiss / Lolita (SEF):
Loveline / F.C.F. (SEF):
Time For A Miracle / Paul Dickenson (Star Fire):
Go Beat Gun / Mike Snap (Star Fire):
Second Love (Red Rave Remix) / akemi (Star Fire):

2nd set of dances danced by Alex (Densetsu13)!!!

Sayonara / Lisa Key (Star Fire):
Iron Man / MC Thunder (Star Fire):
Overdrive / Fastway (SEF):
Dub-I-Dub (2007 Eurobeat Remix) (9LoveJ):


Please visit our LiveJournal @ disco_nrg where we are trying to update as often as possible and hopefully spread the latest para para news! We're bad with updating but we're trying to get better! ^-^v

Also please visit J's Stage for older dances and all Disco NRG furi, most recently @ MANIAC Fiesta 2!

TWO★HEARTS will also be having some exciting projects for 2008, so please keep an eye out for them @

The girls in American Dream also have updates that may be appearing soon and can be checked out @

I will continue to post more vids as they are uploaded ^_~

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