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para_exchange's Journal

Para Para Video Exchange <3
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This is a community for parapara lovers to share, request and swap para videos. There are always times when I think 'I wish I had a video of that routine' and I'm sure other people think that as well. So lets exchange videos! It doesn't matter if you have the video that someone has requested or even film the routine, it's just all about learning routines and having fun doing it.


1 - Try not to post or request dvdrips to much, you know where to buy them, don't be so cheap you bum! No seriously though, just request the routine you are after and hopefully someone has a refilm of it or will film it for you. The odd dvdrip is fine though. Club videos are fair game.

2 - Feel free to link to Youtube and Veoh videos.

3 - Friends lock all posts please. If people want to download and leech away thats fine, but the least they can do is join the community.

4 - All types of para are acceptable here. Euro, techno and trance.

5 - Feel free to share your own para videos and any videos related to para.

6 - Be nice and have fun.

Really thats about it. Let the videos flow freely and have fun!

Remember though people, keep buying those dvd's, help keep the para scene alive!