manaownsmysoul (manaownsmysoul) wrote in para_exchange,

Psycho Le Cemu

I know Psycho le Cemu uses some parapara in their music videos,but its often interrupted by other bits of video.
I was wondering if people have choreograped the rest of what exists of these dances in Psycho le Cemu songs, and if so, does anyone have the full moveset to the song "Yume Kazaguruma"

thanks much!
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I have the gekiai and prism dance lessons from the magical clips dvd, and I have clip of Yuraサマ doing the full Yume Kazaguruma routine.

The first 2 are on youtube, though if you want me to send them I can do that too.
The other I can't seem to locate at the moment >< I'll post it when I find it ><
Ack also forgot I also got a dance lesson for megatron >.> I'll have to go through my mountain of PLC things >.>
the full Yume Kazaguruma dance would be AMAZING.
PLEASE!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1